6 reasons to choose NERUS LAWYERS

1 Because we are dedicated to each client as if it were unique

We care about knowing your business. It is not enough for you to see us sitting behind a table in our office trying to solve your problem. We go to your company to see and understand how it works. We care about knowing the reality in which you move and we spare no efforts of time or time to assist you when you need it. We are working by your side.

2 Because we speak in a language that you can easily understand

We want you to feel safe and understand what we do. We know that the legal world is very complicated and we are at your disposal to explain to you thoroughly every step we take in the solution of your problem.

3 Because we are prepared to innovate

We like to be next to the companies that are at the frontline. Therefore, in our Firm you will find lawyers who can help you in your business anywhere in the world, because we know in depth international trade and, in addition, we speak several languages, including Chinese. We also work in the legal field of totally new areas such as robotics or blockchain.

4 Because we have great experience

Our main partners are lawyers with a long professional career of more than 20 years and who have a recognized prestige within the profession. They are personally involved in all the actions of the Firm, dealing directly and personally with all customers.

5 Because we are pioneers in international legal advice.

We have created IURISGAL INOLF, the first and only International Network of Lawyers with presence in the five continents that has the Spanish language as the official communication language. If we have been able to do something so novel and different, we are sure that we are prepared to meet legal needs safely and effectively.

6 Because we have competitive costs

The Dispatch’s fees policy is transparent, so that the client knows how much our services cost at any given time.