Our lawyers have extensive experience in developing internationalization projects. The globalization of markets, e-commerce without borders, are increasingly common life of enterprises and appropriate advice to address planning bet out events abroad will be key to the survival of many .

Lawyers Nerus has pioneered international legal advice. Alejandro Rivas our partner Blas has created IURISGAL INOLF ., The first and only International Lawyers Network with presence on five continents that has the Spanish language as the language of official communication. From the first moment is the coordinator of the Network. If we were able to do something so new and different, surely we are also prepared to help you in your quest for foreign markets.

And if that were not enough, we also have a set of offices of lawyers collaborators covering the countries and places where IURISGAL has no representation.

We act in the following areas:

  • Design of the legal strategy of investment operations abroad, including fiscal and financial planning. Return of profits and capital.
  • Constitution overseas subsidiaries or representative offices. Creation and development of European societies.
  • Creation, processing and development of joint ventures, joint ventures, strategic alliances and other types of business collaboration with companies of third States.
  • Acquisition of foreign companies. Performing “due diligence”.
  • Acquisition of property abroad. international real estate transactions.
  • international tax planning. Analysis of tax risks. Application of double taxation treaties.
  • Advice on international transport, both by ship and by air or land.
  • Contracts and international distribution networks: brokerage contracts, franchise, agency and distribution.
  • Advice in the workplace in the destination country.
  • International sales contracts. Guarantee.
  • Protection abroad of competition, intellectual and industrial property. Technology transfer and licensing.
  • Advice on collection and payment systems and international guarantees.
  • Debt Recovery in third countries.
  • Legal advice on imports and exports of goods.
  • Management services, management, representation and defense of the heritage of foreigners in Spain.
  • international judicial proceedings.
  • Arbitration and international mediation.


Our firm handles give general advice to companies wishing to send their workers to a new project abroad, both for periods of short duration (stays of less than 12 months) to expatriates long-term ( 5 years). We also take care to advise companies that want to establish themselves in Spain and send their workers to our country.

In this sense our firm offers a triple employment, tax and immigration advice.

  1. A) Within the staff-work plan:

Expatriation contract analysis case by case basis (depending on country of origin and destination):

– Analysis of the employer and the implications of his contract at source. Procurement parent company, subsidiary or related company or a non-Spanish nationality. Applicable law and jurisdiction.

– Analysis of the remuneration packages (bonuses expatriation difference in cost of living, job seeking spousal support, etc.) to be included in the contract.

– Advice on layoffs.

Social Security analysis of mobility.

– Treatment of Social Security on displaced within the framework of the European Union, non-EU European countries workers.

-Trámites for maintaining a listing in origin. E-101 forms.

– Alta, where appropriate, in social security in the country. Supplementary insurance.

Work visas and residence permits.

B) In the fiscal area:

– Tax planning expat contract: conflict analysis of tax residence and double taxation. Tax equalization policies.

– Payroll Tax planning and analysis expatriate salary bonuses. Analysis of compliance with tax obligations of the company.

XCHARX fiscal situation in Spain expatriate (model 247, etc.), statements in Spain for Income Tax Non-Resident.

– Tax returns expatriate abroad.

C) within the plane of foreignness:

– Analysis Aliens community workers in the European Economic Area (EEA) and non-EU temporarily to Spain for their companies established in the European Union or EEA.

– Processing work visa if necessary perform some action in Spain. Authorizations paid employment.